Zowie the Lynx

Heya, I'm Zowie, a lynx in human clothing! I use she/her pronouns and am a femme non-binary girl, nyah!

drawing of an anthropomorphic lynx girl, by @_RAT_BRAT_

Drawing of an anthropomorphic lynx girl, her eartufts and hair have a brown to pink fade and she has brown eyes, she is smiling. Drawn by @_RAT_BRAT_


Zowie the Lynx Drawing

License: N/A, Commissioned by myself


Pawprint background image

License: CC-BY 3.0

By: Kemesh Maharjan

Architect's Daughter Font

License: Free for personal use

By: Kimberly Geswein

Fork-Awesome Icons

Font License: SIL Open Font License

Code License: MIT License

Tailwind CSS

License: MIT License

Copyright (c) Zowie 2019. Lynx drawing by @SHARKD0GG0. Other Attribution